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06/08/08 - Upon the procurement of Two Oaks, the royal residence, independence was declared for Libertérre by the acting president. This act was followed by the coronation of the King and Queen.

06/20/08 - War is formally declared on the French crown for crimes against the people of New France. For unknown reasons the crown does not reciprocate.

09/10/08 - It was announced that the royal couple were expecting a child.

05/05/09 - The birth of Princess Camille Valentine Noémie was celebrated as a national holiday.

10/01/12 - Upon a state visit to Dorpland Archduke Guillaume is struck by water balloon attack, thus beginning the first Coullion War.

10/05/12 - The first Coullion War comes to a close with the Libertérran army holding Dorpland's forces at the border and forcing a stalemate at the Battle of Purfue.

12/15/12 - The office of the president is absorbed into the duties of the king.

01/07/13 - The Second Coullion War begins over an insult to the royal gumbo. This war is fought with high-tech laser weapons in place of water cannons and water balloons.

01/10/13 - The Second Coullion War concludes with the Battle of Lake Martin in which the Libertérran navy smashes the Dorplander fleet in a decisive route, sinking all three of their fast attack pirogues and taking Stadtholder Beaujaques XV captive.

01/15/13 - Stadtholder Beaujaques XV is coerced into signing the Treaty of Grand Mamou, in which all of Dorpland is ceded in perpetuity to the crown of Libertérre.

06/15/16 - Wilhelmina Graf , Contessa of Flüfburg, is adopted into the royal family.

08/03/16 - By special royal proclamation Libertérre declares unilateral war on the Confederate States of America. Libertérran forces are deployed to seek out the enemy but Confederate forces are nowhere to be found.

01/25/17 - The Libertérran navy commissions three new attack rafts.

12/04/17 - By royal proclamation Contessa Wilhelmina Graf's birthday is made into a national holiday, Dog Day.

01/01/18 - The ASA, or AeroSpace Administration, is created and put under the direct control of the queen. It's first task, to land a sample of Earth soil on the moon no later than 2048.

05/25/19 - The Summer Revolution begins. There is a work stoppage until a free and fair election for the office of president can be held.

05/30/19 - Presidential election is held. King Henri I receives 90% of the vote.

06/18/19 - Talks between the royalist and communist factions begin in earnest to decide to the future of Libertérre.

07/15/19 - Talks conclude. Libertérre's period of isolationism ends. The official website is brought online for the first time.

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