Libertérre (The Free State of Freedomland)                                                 small_flag_image

About Libertérre

Helmed by an absolute monarchy The Free State of Freedomland is a piece of the former territory of New France that is governed by the benevolent but unquestioned sovereign ruler Henri I and the members of the Royal Family. It is a utopian paradise, a bastion of free thought, just as the King Lord Admiral dictates.

May every citizen go forth and make the world a brighter place. Practice tolerance, speak words of kindness, but always crush ignorance where you find it. Also, do what I say.

        - The words of his Majesty Henri I, the King Lord Admiral of Libertérre

In addition to its primary land holdings in the former French colony of New France Libertérre also asserts its sovereignty over the following lands:

  • Vast but unspecified portions of the former New France
  • Bir Tawil, a patch of desert between Egypt and Sudan
  • Ball's Pyramid in the south pacific, reserved for a planned "Freedom Citadel" naval base consisting of 3 ultra-short-range ballistic rocket kayaks

Basic Facts

Official Language(s)
English, broken French
Official Religion
Freelander, Libreterran
Absolute Monarchy
Court of Ministers & National Assembly
Macaroon (MAC)
Time Zone
UTC -3
Date Format
Driving Side
Calling Code

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